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Need for a rental – contact with our agency over the phone or via e-mail – finding a suitable car for the period (small/large, manual/automatic, blue/red/grey, etc.) – booking or delivery / entering into a contract and payment – rental period – returning the car in the agreed location – terminating the contract and refunding the deposit.

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Booking a car is necessary so that the suitable car is in a previously agreed location at the time of your choice. In order to be sure that the customer arrives at the agreed time and the car is not held in vain, the customer is charged a booking fee, which is considered to be an advance payment upon paying for the rental. For example, the rental fee is a total of 100 euros and the agreed booking fee is 20%, i.e. 20 euros. In order to book a car, 20 euros have to be transferred to the agent’s bank account. Another 80 euros remains to be paid. If the customer does not want the car at the agreed time, the company that held the agreed car for the customer will keep the booking fee.

First make sure that the car you want to book is available. For this, contact a suitable regional agent. Let them know your requested dates and also the time and locations where to pick up and return the car if you know them.

The agent will provide you with the amount of booking fee and the bank account number where to make the transfer. Usually it’s 20–50% of the rental fee. Paid booking fee is deducted from the rental fee as a partial advance payment upon paying the rental fee.

NB! IF YOU FAIL TO PAY THE BOOKING INVOICE ON TIME, THE VEHICLE WILL BE RELEASED FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO BOOK. I.E. IF YOU DO NOT PROMPTLY TRANSFER THE BOOKING FEE, SOMEONE ELSE MAY BE FASTER. In this case, the booking fee will be refunded to you. We will, of course, do everything in our power to prevent this from happening, but demand is great during the high seasons and the goal is to keep the cars on the road.


The contract is usually entered into upon delivering the car. The agent who brings the car has a prefilled contract form, which is filled in with the customer data, rental period and fees as well as special terms and conditions if necessary. Entering into the contract requires a valid driver’s licence applicable to the specific vehicle (category B). If necessary, you may also be asked to present another identification document (ID card, passport, etc.).

The lessee pays the rental fee and deposit as an advance payment upon entering into the contract. The payment can be made in cash and/or with a transfer. If the payment is made with a transfer, it has to have accrued by the time of delivering the car. In order to make a transfer, we will first issue an invoice that details the information necessary for making the transfer. Deposit paid with a transfer will also be refunded with a transfer up to three days after end of the rental period.

Rental fee – according to the vehicle and the rental period. It would be a good idea to agree on this in advance with the agent who brings the car so that there are no surprises down the line.

Deposit – usually 100 euros, or 150 euros for a beginner driver. The deposit is refunded at the end of the rental period (if everything is okay with the car).

20–50% of the rental fee is paid in advance upon booking the vehicle. In order to book a car, please contact your nearest agency where you wish to rent the car in order to make sure that the car you want is available during the respective period.



The car is picked up in the agreed location – the customer can also request that the car is brought to them in a city where the company has an agency. The delivered car is clean, in good technical condition, and the tank is full, the car is equipped with seasonally required equipment (winter tyres, ice brush and scraper, etc. in the winter). Outside the city where the company has an agency, agree with our agent on the fee for delivering the car. This depends on the mileage, rental period, etc.

Delivery of the car from 08:00 to 20:00 is free of charge. 10 euros is added upon a delivery from 20:00 to 08:00.

Returning the car in an agreed location (does not have to be the same location where the car was delivered). Return is also included in the price in the same city with an agency where the car was delivered. Outside the city where the company has an agency, agree with an agent on the fee for returning the car. In the event of a 3-day rental period, the returned car is clean; in the event of a longer rental, the car can be cleaned inside with a vacuum and outside with pressure wash. If the car requires dry cleaning, the charge is 100 euros. If you return a dirty car, the lessor has the right to submit complaints with regard to potential hidden damages within 24 hours.



The car is in good technical condition, has a full tank and does not require assistance by the customer. If something should happen to the car or there are doubts concerning the car (technology), contact the agency that leased you the car or our 24/7 roadside assistance over the phone at 5358 3696.

The lessee shall use the vehicle only in countries specified in the contract and according to the vehicle manufacturer’s user manual, take good care of the vehicle, inform the lessor of any damages at the first opportunity and eliminate the occurred defects or return the vehicle, comply with the traffic rules, shall not let third parties to drive the vehicle, shall not use the vehicle for motor sports, driving on an ice track, towing or for another purpose that does not comply with the direct purpose of the vehicle.


Our cars have free mileage in Estonia. When leaving the country (upon an agreement), free mileage is up to 500 km per day and subsequently the fee is 0.11 euros/km – i.e. if the rental is, for example, for 5 days and the mileage exceeds 5 x 500 = 2,500 km, 0.11 euros/km shall be added for the exceeded kilometres.


All cars have mandatory motor third party liability insurance. Motor third party liability insurance covers the expenses incurred by the injured party, i.e. if you are at fault, motor third party liability insurance covers the expenses of the injured party, but you will be obligated to pay for the expenses of your vehicle. Collision damage waiver (CDW) with a deductible of 320 euros can also be taken out. This means that deductible decreases to 320 euros, i.e. in the event of damage higher than 320 euros, you will be responsible to the extent of 320 euros. For example, if you scratch the side of the car and painting the car will cost 700 euros, you will have to pay 320 euros. However, the cost of paint work in the event of scratching one wing is 120–140 euros. Because this amount is covered by the deductible, you will have to pay the entire repair cost. 


Our agencies are happy to help you with any concerns you may have. Everyone who does something has something go wrong, and we take this fully into consideration. It most cases it’s better to ask first than to break down in the middle of nowhere and wait for help. So, if you have any questions/concerns, promptly contact our agencies, whether you’ve forgotten what type of fuel the car uses or if you suspect that something could be wrong with the car, be it a broken tyre or a discharged battery because you forgot to turn off the lights.














    1. The Lessor hands the Vehicle over to the Lessee at agreed time and place, in good working order. The Lessee checks the Vehicle and informs the Lessor immediately about the possible visible defects of the Vehicle.
    2. The Lessee have free mileage within Estonia. When driving outside Estonia (agreed wit the Lessor) milage is 500 km / day. An additional charge of crossing this is 0.11 eur / km, unless agreed otherwise.
    3. The Lessee returns the Vehicle at agreed time and place, in the same condition and completeness in which s/he received it, taking into consideration the normal wear (instructions of the natural wear of Vehicles). The lease price does not include fuel. If returning the vehicle with a smaller amount of fuel than marked in the Contract, the Lessee is obliged to pay for the missing fuel an amount that is0 1.5 times higher than presently valid market price.

1.3. If returning the Vehicle is delayed, then the Lessee will do his/her all to inform about it in sufficient time but not later than the returning time marked in the Contract. In case delay, the charge of 2,5times of rental day will be added to every following day (24 hours) within delay more then 19. min.



2.1. The Lessee pays to the Lessor as advance payment the agreed rental charge and pledge (on demand) before the Vehicle is handed over. The final settlement of pledge fee takes place at the return and inspection of the Vehicle, where in case of possible problems the sum and payment method will be agreed on.

2.2. If the Lessee delays with paying some contractual sum, 0.2% of the sum not paid on time will be added to the Lessor for every delayed day. The fine for delay will be calculated from the day following the corresponding payment day until the day of actual payment (included).

2.3. If the person or organisation who is marked as the payer, does not pay the rental charge or does not fulfil other claims filed against him/her pursuant to Contract or law, the person who has signed the Contract is responsible for the rental charge and such claims. The initial missing sum, if such should arise, will be withheld from the pledge fee.



3.1. The Lessee uses the Vehicle only in agreed countries and according to the user manual of the Vehicle’s manufacturer.

3.2. The Lessee provides the Vehicle on own account during the lease period with fuel, and if necessary, with oil, cooling liquid and windscreen washing liquid. The damage arisen from wrong refuelling is compensated by the Lessee.

3.3. The Lessee is obliged to maintain the Vehicle prudently and to inform the Lessor about the arisen faults at the first possible moment and to eliminate those faults or to return the Vehicle. In case of technical failure to stop driving until the fault is eliminated. If the Vehicle becomes unsuitable for driving abroad, the Lessee is obliged to transport the Vehicle to the Estonian border on own account.

3.4. The Lessee is obliged not to give the driving of the Vehicle over to the third party, except to the additional driver who is marked in the commercial lease contract, being himself/herself present in the Vehicle.

3.5. The Lessee is obliged not to use the Vehicle for motorsports, driving on ice road, towing or for other purposes that do not conform to the direct purpose of the Vehicle.

3.6. The Lessee is obliged not to drive the Vehicle without the corresponding right to drive, while intoxicated, tired or under the influence of medications.

3.7. The Lessee is obliged not to smoke and not to allow others smoke in the Vehicle.

3.8. The Lessee is obliged to follow the traffic rules, otherwise to pay all the fines that are connected to the Vehicle and that are submitted about the time when the Vehicle was in the use of the Lessee. If the fine is submitted about the above-mentioned time after the final settlement is paid, the Lessor has the right to collect the amount of fine from the Lessee.

3.9. If damage has arisen from the traffic accident or from the unlawful behaviour of a third party, the Lessee is obliged to inform the Lessor about it at the first possible moment. The Lessee incurs losses within the extent that is not incurred by the insurance (including own responsibility).

3.10. The Lessee is fully responsible for all the details or accessories that are lost from the Vehicle.

3.11. If the Vehicle is abandoned by the Lessee, the Lessee pays the Lessor contractual penalty within the extent of the acquisition cost of the Vehicle.

3.12. If the Lessor has not been informed about the case of the arisen damage, the Lessee pays the Lessor threefold compensation of the restoration of the Vehicle to the pre-damage state.

3.13. The Lessee is obliged to pay the Lessor all expenses that arise in connection with not carrying out the commercial lease contract on his/her part.



4.1. The Lessor is responsible for insuring the Vehicle with motor third party liability insurance. The motor third party liability insurance charge is included in the rental price. Outside the lease period, the Lessor keeps the Vehicle in working order and performs the regular maintenances of the Vehicle.

4.2. The Lessor is not responsible for the cost resulting from the failure of the Vehicle, damage or loss of profit.

4.3. In case of failure, the Lessor is obliged to provide the client with another vehicle if a free vehicle is available.



5.1. The Lessee informs the Lessor immediately about the failure of the Vehicle, theft, robbery and accident and follows the orders of the Lessor, among other things compiles immediately an accident scheme in case of accident.

5.2. The Lessee informs the police immediately about the theft and robbery of the Vehicle and about the accident, and represents the interests of the Lessor in relation to the police until the Lessor releases the Lessee from this obligation.

5.3. In case of theft, the Lessee is obliged to submit to the Lessor all the keys and documents of the Vehicle that had been in his/her use.



6.1. The Contract enters into force from signing and expires if the conditions of the Contract have been complied with as required on the part of all parties.

6.2. The conditions of the Contract can be changed with the agreement of both parties, about which a written agreement of changing the Contract will be formalised.

6.3. The Lessor has the right to unilaterally terminate the Contract prematurely and to demand the immediate return of the Vehicle if it becomes evident that the Lessee does not comply with or can not comply with the conditions of the Contract, damages the Vehicle or the Lessor, or compromises his/her own or others’ safety.

6.4. The disputes between the parties will be settled by negotiations, if they fail, in Harju County Court.