Car Rental

Car rental, passenger cars and minibuses with home delivery ! Rental car that is warm, clean and in good technical condition at a time and place of your choice (also outside the city). RendiAutoRent offers rental cars and minibuses with free delivery and return at an agreed time and location in cities where the company has an agency. If you are outside the cities where the company has an agency, please contact your nearest agency and we will offer you the best price with delivery elsewhere depending on the rental period. You will find the nearest agency by clicking "Location / Cars" on top of the page.We have been serving customers since 2008. The best recognition we could have is the large number of customers who are satisfied with the service and return to us when the need arises. Clean cars with delivery and pleasant service make car rental very comfortable and affordable to the customer everywhere in Estonia – there are no additional fees or time required to drive out to the rental place.

With rendiautorent, you do not have to go to the vehicle or to the office, as the suitable vehicle will be brought to you!

  • Entering into the contract takes approx. 5 minutes, and then you are free to go on your way in a car that is warm, clean and in good technical condition.
  •  Because we cover the whole of Estonia, the car can be picked up and returned in different places in Estonia (free of charge in cities where the company has an agency, elsewhere for a reasonable price).
  • We offer unlimited mileage, 24/7 roadside assistance, motor third party liability insurance, various accessories such as child seats, ski box, tow hitch, GPS navigation system. Car rental with a reasonable price and good service.

Relying on our long-term experience, we are also able to give advice on finding suitable cars from our vehicle fleet.