Volvo S80 aut

The Volvo S80 is a luxury model manufactured by Volvo. The car is built primarily for passenger comfort and has an environmental specification that includes aspects such as textile allergens, fuel consumption and the car's life cycle from production to dismantling.

This S80 was equipped with numerous safety systems, including Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) and Whiplash Protection System WHIPS. The S80 featured a straight-six engine in a transverse engine mounting. (Wikipedia).

Volvo S80 front view Volvo S80 side view
Volvo S80 rear view Volvo S80 interior view

Gearbox: automatic

Engine: 2,9 l gasoline (150 kW)

Seats: 5

Comfort equipment: clima control, cruise control

Radio: original (CD-ga)

Optional equipment: trailer hitch, child seat, Navi GPS, bicycle carrier



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