Our cars are divided into classes and our pricelist is same everywhere

1 day2-3 day4-5 day6-7 day8-13 day14-20 day21-30 daymonth
Mini class35272321191715410
Small car37292523211916430
middle class 42342926252320530
Big car46383230272624620
Station wagon52443836353331820
Bus (9 seats)665855524744421200

Here are prices for a day. If you would like to take big car for six days it is 28 euros per day and for 6 days total of 168 euros.

Deposit for car rent is 100 euros. We return it, when you return the car that has full tank and car is clean and everything is in order!

There is possibilitie to leave car to other towns

 FROM/TO TallinnPärnuKuressaareTartu
Tallinn 508065
Pärnu50 8360
Kuressaare8083 110


Lastetool, turvahäll, istumisalus3,20 eur/päev
Katuseraamid3,20 eur/päev
Suusaboks (900 x 2000 mm)7 eur/päev
Jalgrattahoidja 3 rattale (tagaluugile kinnitatav)3,20 eur/päev

Please ask for prices for longer period